Book Testimonials: Alaska Fishing Gold Rush of the 1980s

Heard and Seen around Facebook and Photo Exhibits:

Smithsonian-worthy images. Wesley Loy, Editor, Pacific Fishing magazine

Soulful photography. This is what Southeast Alaska is. These photos capture the spirit of an era and the personality of a community. Rep. "JKT" Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, Alaska State Legislature District 35 (Southeast Alaska)

I’m reading your book ... luxuriating in the words and pictures—so not full of bullshit! You got it right. Roger Fitzgerald, covering the Alaska fishing industry since 1976

You’re a gold mine of our history. Bruce Bauer

Iconic. I really felt like I was there. The book brought me back in a time capsule to an era that explains why things are the way they are now and I stand in awe at what some of the SE fishermen went through. Kendall Whitney, Seafood Producers Co-op Marketing 

Important for history, and could only have been done by you. Eloise Kendy 

I knew I loved your photos—never knew how great your writing was till I bought the book. Linda Behnken, Exec. Dir., Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Assoc.

I can almost smell the fish. You really captured the feeling of those times. Annie Howell-Adams (author/photographer's 1st skipper)

Such powerful images, we are reliving our wonderful life on the ocean. Karen Johnson  
Dale Chesnut:  I am not surprised you have been the catalyst for bringing so many members of the Sitka fishing community back together.

Your book should be a pre-req for people who move to Alaska, wanting to learn fishing [and] the language and culture of the fishing community. Paired with the photos, along with Danny’s drawings, anyone who reads this will have a foundational knowledge of what it means to be a commercial fisherman in Southeast Alaska. Christine Davenport

So impressed by the beauty and thoroughness of it all. We will enjoy it forever! Sandy Will

Truly a work of art and love—it is part of you. Brings it all home. Dena Chesnu  

You keep those vivid memories alive for those who were a part of it and for future generations. It was an important task and so thoroughly executed! JLo Murray      

While we have cameras everywhere now on our cell phone and Go-Pros we could not reproduce this history. The talent behind the camera is critical to capture the emotion and the movement in the moment. You have that talent. It shows a slice of our life and history that we can see and show our children. Kathy O’Gara & Dan Falvey (Seaboy Dan in photo, 1980s)

An incredible documentary of a very unique life. Raquel Aufderheide 

Wow! Such a blast back in time, so many familiar faces and cool stories. Well done. Josh Chevalier (grew up in the '80s fleet) 

The black and white is truly timeless. Most beautiful. Katie and Peter Hagan

You’ve honored us. Greg & Debbie Cushing (lifelong Sitka fishing family)

Full share for sure. Scotty Saline  

And here I thought all your running ‘round taking pictures was the silliest thing I had ever seen ... Duh. Steve Amos, 1980s fish crew

We are. So. Proud. Barnaby Dow, 1980s hoedad & fish crew

Your book is truly a time capsule of an era that is long gone. Awesome stories paired with amazing photography. Maria Guadalupe Lopez, Tucson, Ariz. 

Love what you have done and are doing for our pictorial history of that time period of the fishery. You rock!! Melinda Trenary, Haiku, Hawaii

Great memories of a time that won’t be repeated. Thank you for documenting so much of it, for all that you did to preserve such a unique part of history. Steve Little, Waiohinu, Hawaii

I treasure your book. Some of my friends were part of that scene, but I never really understood how unique and fleeting it was until now. I’m so glad you pulled those boxes out of your attic and made it happen! Eloise Kendy, Helena, Mont.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the Alaskan fishing life captured on film, to last a lifetime. Superb! Peggy McCaffrey, Sequim, Wash.

Memory lane, it was a blast! AnnMarie DeCollibus, Bellingham, Wash.

The book rocks! It makes me cry that you did such a great work and we get to share it. I am like a proud parent! Thank you for the whole enchilada. Really. We appreciate it. Dena Chesnut, Oregon, Arizona, Sitka

It’s been a great ride!!!! Thank you for documenting all those times in the 80s—as far as I’m concerned it’s a bestseller! Steve Langhorst, Marshfield, Mass.

You made me think of things from that time in my life that flooded my mind with memories, good ones. Alaska was a special place. William Shaw, Port Angeles, Wash. (U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Sitka, Avionicsman SAR flights—Search & Rescue—1986-’88)

and from the Vintage B&W Photo Exhibit in Sitka, Alaska, Aug. 2015, where most photos were taken 30-35 years earlier

Powerful and moving. Barbara Bingham

Beautiful–Reminiscent! Mary Kambok
Phenomenal photography! Jean Frank
AMAZING! Jackie DiGennaro
I love the sense of action, vitality. Nancy Yaw Davis
Preserving a time in Alaska that was enchanting. Eileen
You captured life so sincerely and beautifully. Anna
I could smell the ocean, the docks and boats. Roby Littlefield

So rich is what is documented within your book! Especially for me to remember back to all those faces and times, of the thousands who touched our lives! Mike Sinder (Sitka Sound Seafoods iceman, 1980s)

Such a storyteller with your photos—3rd season longlining and it’s so great to see how it was done when I was barely a glint in my parent’s eye. Erin Jakubek

So nostalgic—I find myself choked up with all the memories! Janine Holzman

What an exquisite way to capture time and uncork it in a dazzling beautiful exhibit. What a gift. Thank you. Tess Heyburn

What an amazing bit of Sitka history you have captured! Trevor Harang

Thank you Jana for Bringing it Back! This is the Biggest Best Event Ever in Sitka. Cheryle Enloe

I am over-come with emotion looking at these pictures of my parents and their friends. It gives me a glimpse of their young and carefree selves. So fun! Nora Skeele (little girl in family photo, 1980s)

Best photo exhibit I’ve ever seen. I’ve never gotten goosebumps looking at photos, and my hair was on end half the time I was looking at the exhibit. Alaska State Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins

Your own story of cultivating your art and following this vision for the release of this work is an inspiration to artists and dreamers everywhere!Ellen Parry Tyler

You. Are. Awesome. It. Was. EPIC!! Cyndi Cassedy